The Australian Human Rights Commission would like to thank all the people who generously contributed their stories, artwork, poetry and time to make this publication possible; Jo Ritale and Angelo at the State Library of Queensland and the communities of Cherbourg, Mapoon Mission,  Monamona and Mornington Island for giving us permission to reproduce photographs from the State Library of Queensland’s exhibition, ‘Broken Links’, 2007; Murray Wilcox and Joanna Richardson for providing valuable insights into the cases in which they were involved; Siobhan McHugh; Lisa Stefanoff and IAD Press; Paul Oliver, Rebecca Stuart, Louise McDermott, Janet Drummond, Katie Kiss, Anna Dawson, Julia Mansour  and all the other staff at the Commission  who gave  generously  of  their time   and  expertise; our Indigenous designer, Leigh Harris at Ingeous Studios for his endless patience and wisdom throughout the design process. All contributors are listed in the  Biographical Index. 

Edited by Christina Kenny.

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